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Our Girls

If Interested we are always looking for guardian homes! Contact us for more information!

Lexa (AKC Old English Sheepdog)

Miss Lexa is a new addition to our program!  She is gentle, affectionate, protective, and a very fast learner.  She will be having her first litter in March 2018 and we can't be more excited.  We can tell she is going to be an amazing momma and can't wait to see the color of puppies she produces.  Furthermore, she has passed all her health tests (hips, elbows, eyes, and hearing) with great results! 

OFA Hips Good -- OFA Elbows Normal -- OFA Eyes Normal/Clear -- BAER Normal

Luna (F1 Sheepadoodle) 

Harley (F1 Sheepadoodle) 

Miss Harley is our awesome F1 Sheepadoodle mama. She will have her first litter at the end(ish) of 2020. She is quirky, hilarious, sweet and affectionate. She loves to play with her kids and loves loves loves to learn. We can't wait to have her become a mama!

Indie (AKC Old English Sheepdog)

This girl is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. She loves to play and wiggle non stop. Pure goofball to the core and loves to learn. She had her first litter Jan. 2018 (Ski Litter)-taking mamahood by storm.

OFA Hips: Good -- OFA Patellas Normal -- OFA Elbows Normal

Charlee (Sheepadoodle ~ retired)

Charlee is our energetic, loveable, crazy Sheepadoodle!  She loves to run, herd, and play as well as cuddle, snuggle, and demand attention at the oddest moments.  She has gone with us on many adventures including long road trips in the car, in an airplane, to sports events, hikes in the canyons, fishing trips, and many other places.  She resides in our home and takes all the puppies under her wing while they are are with us!  

Our Boys


We currently also use two males outside of our program for merle and moyen litters. Pictures to be updated soon.

Bentley (AKC Standard Poodle)

Available for stud services

Bentley is our proud Silver Beige/White AKC Standard Poodle stud!  He has passed his preliminary health testing on his hips, elbows, and patellas.  Bentley has a great personality and is extremely intelligent. He is all about getting and giving love. His perfect day would include taking long naps with his humans on the bed, cuddling on the couch and a good game of chase somewhere in between. Ben loves his humans, with his favorite currently being our baby Hunt. He passes his loving personality and his intelligence onto his stunning puppies!

OFA Hips: Fair -- OFA Patellas Normal -- OFA Elbows Normal


Albus (Standard (moyen) Poodle) -->


Merlin (AKC Standard Poodle)

Courtesy of Nodessa Farms


Albus (moyen poodle)