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Old English Sheepdog + Sheepadoodle Puppies

Here are our favorite tried and true products:

Food and Treats:

We use PawTree for the freshest food possible. Ships right to your door, no by-products, from production to your door in no more than 6 weeks on average. Great quality and love that it is not sitting on a shelf for an unknown amount of time. Click here to see the ones we use: Food and Treat Recommendations


Health Supplements:

Being as Sheepadoodles are large breed, we love a good joint support supplement. Whether that be glucosamine or something with a little more in it to help support their growth and overall joint health. We also know that with doodles having a higher possibility of a sensitive stomach, gastro health is huge. We love the GastroPlus by PawTree. Love it. It's one of our must haves. And of course, Sheepadoodles have a striking coat. Here you will find the best way to make it shine and hydrate their skin. Check out this link for the products we use: Supplements


Toys, Mental Exercise and Fun:

Here are some toys that will get your pup thinking. Sheepadoodles love a good mental stretch- they love textures, puzzles and squeekers. These are some of our favorites: Toys

Here are some links to some more of our favorites on Amazon (some links are affiliated):